Bagonia eARTh Line

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Bagonia announces the launch of our new eARTh Line. Meticulously designed with the environment, people and animals in mind, Bagonia’s and Birch’s new line, eARTh, is an eco-chic solution to live an organized and eco-friendly life without ever having to compromising style.

- Two or three reusable shopping bags stored inside
- Breakaway clutch
- Accessory bracelets
- Cycle Chic function

Rose Bag in Sunrise – $349

Rose Bag in Wine – $349

Sunflower Bag – $299

Sunflower Bag in Black – $299

Bird of Paradise Bag in Purple – $329

Bird of Paradise Bag in Tropical – $329

These styles are available for pre-order. Call now to reserve your bag today! 619-218-2132